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Network Services

At our organization, we have specialized teams consisting of skilled network engineers and designers who are committed to designing and implementing a diverse range of ICT networks. Moreover, we have separate departments that are solely focused on designing OSP, Telecom, and Computer Networks, conducting GIS surveys, and executing network implementations.


Network Designing


Designing a network is an essential stage, regardless of whether it’s an internal organizational network or a telecommunication network that spreads from an exchange to the customer’s home. At our organization, our skilled network designers can create building diagrams or utilize GIS Survey Reports to design any type of network at any time. We can take care of all aspects of network designing, including:


We offer a range of services related to network designing including GIS survey, network survey, building survey, site survey, network planning and designing, BOQ preparation, uploading to telecom NE project rack, designing based on building diagrams or GIS survey reports, etc.



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